The World I Know

Well, here I am, recently graduated, single, and happily unemployed.

I am also turning 23 in some minutes, which is fine, despite all plans that I have failed to accomplish.

I remember when I was 15. The world I knew was in constant pain and suffering. The skies were always grey and gloomy. Everyone I knew was sad. Everything in it was cruel.

I remember this day last year. The world I knew was seen through a rose-colored glasses. La vie en rose. Everyone was wonderful, everything was beautiful.

Now I am here.

The world from here is pretty different. I see the world in a more pragmatic way, now. There are bad things, but there are good things. But it is horribly inconsistent.

This is the world that promotes human rights as the first and foremost principle everyone have to hold on to.
This is the world that fights for peace in the most violent way.
This is the world that supports women by degrading their worth in the most subtle and unnoticed ways.
This is the world where the anti-racism are the most racist people alive.
This is the world who wants us to be anything we can be by judging the people who don’t really want to be anything.
This is the world that pushes youth to not rush into things by constantly demanding them to make it a better place instantly.
This is the world that values all living things, except maybe human kind.
This is the world that dreams of unity by splitting people into groups of certain gender, race, religion, and faith supporter and non-suppporter.
This is the world that is abundant in everything, but feel like there is not enough of anything.

It is neither a sad nor happy place.
It is neither suffering nor in joy.

It is just what it is. A portrait of life, full of people with different beliefs and backgrounds. Full of differing perspectives. Full of love, full of hate. Forging ahead towards the unknown. It is in constant change. It is always moving, neither towards order nor chaos.

It is the world that will only move together as one when we all have the same purpose, the same goal, which will only happen when alien invades Earth.


This is a funny world,

but it is the world I know.



(A birthday piece for the world I know, because it is vivere pericolosamente year.)

Title taken from Collective Soul’s song.


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