For Everyone You Meet

This is for those who are broken at the core.

For those who are hurt and scarred within.

For those who are hollow in the centre of their being.

For those who fight dark nights and stormy days.

For those who never experienced a calm sea, and yet still not a good sailor.

For those who get up alone from the falls.

For those who walk with their chins up but fallen shoulders.

This for us, who wish people would look us in the eye and thank us for all we have tried to do.

For us, who wish to know if our road is going anywhere at all.

This is for the abandoned child with a lonely childhood.

For the forgotten teenager who survived isolation.

For the unloved young adult who wake up in the middle of the night wanting to talk but no one to listen.

For the broken adults who wish for a better beginning with perfect ending.

For the regretful old people who look back on life and see a blank slate.

This is for us, the stars who flicker in the dark.

Who struggle just to have the world listening on us.

Who walk barefooted, naked, but walled from the bones outward.

This is for us, who continuously listen and are never remembered.

For the people who tried and never succeeded.

For those who loved and never loved back.

For us who try to love ourselves but don’t know why.

For us who try to love ourselves but fail to see one good thing at all.

This is for the broken-hearted,

The scarred,

The hurt,

The ignored,

The abandoned,

The rejected,

The underdog,

The hero in us all.

This is for us, one thing to remember:

“Be kind. Despite fighting your own hard battle.”

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